Turns Out the Best Makeup Advice Isn't Necessarily From a Beauty Editor

While I love fashion, when it comes to makeup, I’m what some would call a “late bloomer.” A little dab on the cheeks; a little pop on the lips; and voila—I’m done! I must confess that adding a simple makeup routine has never been on my to-do list. Mostly because I don’t feel the need to add one, I’m too lazy, and well, to be honest, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

However, my curiosity is always on the lookout for some well-needed knowledge to feed on. I have always been curious to at least know the basics of a simple makeup look and what each product does. (I mean, before this experiment I had no idea what a concealer or foundation was—don’t judge me.) But reading beauty blogs is a one-sided conversation and often geared towards beauty enthusiasts who know their way around a makeup bag.

So, in the efforts to be in-the-know of what all the cool kids are wearing or even just learn a simple makeup look I can recreate, I decided to turn towards the “expert” I actually knew IRL. I let my sister—a beauty expert—do my makeup to see if I can learn a thing or two from her. Of course, I took out my handy dandy notebook, took some notes and learned a few things. Here’s to all the beginners out there, this one’s for you!

1. Before starting any makeup look, one should always start with a fresh canvas. So, make sure to always have a freshly-washed face before apply anything! Let that natural face show!

2. Always moisturize! Once you’ve washed your face it’s important to add a moisturizer for a clean and smooth face. It actually works! Who knew?


3. Got any eye bags, dark circles or discoloration? Conceal those babies and tell them goodbye! By applying a concealer, you can get rid of those bloody reminders of how tired your look. Me tired? Never.

4. What does a foundation do? Oh, well it evens out your complexion! Any redness or weird little areas on your face can be removed, and bam you now have an evened-out canvas.

A few things one should be aware of when finding the right foundation is that your neck will usually be darker than your face. When shopping for a foundation and concealer pick at least three you believe is closest to your skin tone. From those three, swatch them from your jawline to your neck one by one. Once you do this, wait a couple of minutes till it oxidizes for you to tell which one is closest to your skin tone. Using your finger or a sponge is the most recommended technique because it gives you more of a natural look.

5. To make sure your makeup stays intact, setting your face would be the next step. Loose or pressed powder is recommended. It just depends on whether you have an oily or dry skin. Setting your face helps to prevent any falling makeup residue.

6. If you want to incorporate some eyeshadow into your look, an eye primer is a must-have. This fella is key in making sure your eyeshadow doesn’t come off. If you go for a colorful eyeshadow, you might have fallout (residue), you can remove this by using makeup wipes. You can use your fingers or a brush to apply this.

7. Do you want a fierce eyeliner? For beginners like me, I was recommended pen liners because of how easy it is to use. When applying eyeliner, it is best to rest your side palm on your cheek and position your pen liner from the side and follow your eyelid’s line.

8. Want long-lasting lashes just like every Covergirl? Mascara is your go-to product. For long-lasting lashes, waterproof mascara is your best bet, and an eyelash curler is your best friend.

9. If you want some glowy skin, you can always use a highlighter which highlights your skin and makes your makeup look pop.

10. If you want to finish of your look with a pop of color on your cheek, blush is the way to go.

Both looks were created by using these ten tips! The only difference was the change in eyeshadow and eyeliner. I know, I was also shook by this revelation.

What other makeup tips do you have for a novice (asking for a friend, of course)? Let me know in the comments below!