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The 5 Hidden Shopping Gems You're Probably Overlooking

May 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

When school is in session, shopping could be put on the back burner in order to hit the books. You may trade in long afternoons perusing the local mall for a quick online order or even just scrolling through the latest Zara editorials. While hitting up your favorite stores may not be on the docket during the school year, it may be worthwhile to take a look at the stores in your area to make the most of a study break.

Being lucky enough to live a large city, I took a walk through my neighborhood in Toronto to check out independent retailers near me that I often forgo for fast fashion. Most cities and towns are filled with cool places to upgrade your wardrobe and add some unique flair to your daily looks. Scoping out different locales, like the ones I found, in your own town can be a perfect study break on any weekend afternoon. Here are the ones to keep in mind on your next shopping adventure:

The Thrift Store 

Thrift stores have always abundance and their popularity has been steady for years now. Finding a buy and sell shop is perfect for any student; brand names and fast fashion labels are available for way less and you can donate your own wardrobe while you’re at it! Kind Exchange and Common Sort are two Toronto businesses stocked with good stuff for any student on a budget.

The Fair Trade Business

Finding fair trade shops can be tough, but they are worth it once you do! Ten Thousand Villages in Toronto provides access to artisan products year round. The Pennsylvania company carries a wide variety of products, but trying out new clothes from the fair trade store adds something unique to your wardrobe that you know is helping out.

The Gift Shop

Sometimes, gift stores have unique pieces for even the most seasoned shoppers. Juxtapose in Toronto is not only a card and knick knack store; this zany store carries super cool enamel pins, fun patches, and a clothing with incredibly on-trend designs and slogans.

The Concept Store

While not a fashion retailer, The Abnormal Beauty Company has added a new location in Toronto with a buzzy concept. Checking out places that take their branding above and beyond product design can be a fun shopping experience—this Toronto retailer sells amazing skincare products and has a very Instagrammable facade.

The Historical Retailer

There’s often a reason why stores stick around, particularly in the online shopping age. Over The Rainbow has been a longstanding Toronto staple and the store is the go-to for many for denim pieces. Take a look in your neighborhood for any stores with tradition and longevity, you never know what you may find in there.

How do you discover new stores in your own town? Any local favorites we need to visit? Let us know in the comments below!