How Being More Spontaneous Could Actually Increase Your Productivity

What if I told you that being more spontaneous could actually make you more productive? Would you believe me?

Probably not.

We are constantly being taught that planning is the best thing to do for our lives. We are told to map out where we expect to be five or ten years in advance. We are asked how we plan to reach these goals and what our source of income will be. We are even asked how many kids we will have and when we will have them. After developing this complex life plan, we are told to follow it with the utmost attention to detail.

But the truth is, in life things happen and that’s okay.

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Spontaneity often has a negative connotation of being unplanned, impulsive, and, perhaps, even chaotic. But if we consider it in a more organic way, spontaneity can be seen as the natural flow of life.

Kiran Gandhi is a drummer, singer, and activist who promotes a theory of living called Atomic Living. Atomic Living is the belief that leading a spontaneous life can act as a catalyst for productivity and success as opposed to distraction or disruption.

The key to this theory of living is that you have to know what of your core values are the most important to you. These values can change as you grow but they should be rooted in what is currently inspiring you. The values should also be limited to about three or four focused topics. My current values are: empowerment, self-discovery, writing and increasing diversity in the fashion and beauty industries. Under the principals of Atomic Living, when a spur-of-the-moment opportunity arises that fuels one of my four pillars, I should take it. My actions should also reflect these pillars so if something comes up that doesn’t align with my vision, I have the right to say no.

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There are plenty of times we agree to doing things because we feel that we have to say ‘yes,’ when we have no desire to. That is an unproductive use of time. Instead try to say ‘yes’ only to things you want to do.

The goal is to make conscious and thoughtful choices that we are passionate about so that we can lead a positive life. If you are in full support of what you are doing it will show and that positivity will spread to those around you.

An old high school friend could be the next person that links me to someone in fashion or the guy who makes my smoothies, I don’t know. My job is to be open to taking the next coffee date or going to a random open mic night that fits my personal mission so I can seize whatever that opportunity may be.(Photo via @asmillz)

Atomic Living ultimately encourages you to embrace the journey that life can take you on by being intentional about what you want and what you can contribute.

Don’t get me wrong, planning is a great tool and is a necessary life skill but don’t be afraid to deviate off course when you are offered a chance to nourish your goals and passions. Be bold and step out of your comfort-zone, you never know where it may take you.

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What core values guide you in your every day? Share them with us in the comments below!