HOME RUN STYLE: How To Be “Sporty”

No matter where you’re from, sports can play a major (league) role in your everyday life. Whether you see someone sporting a school jersey on game day, or your friend is completely unavailable on Sundays (football, duh), sports have infiltrated their way into society. So if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em—or at least dress like you have.

If you don’t know what a first down means or how many sets are in a match, don’t sweat it. There are other ways to show off your knowledge of all-things sport-related. So let’s pretend like we care about the World Series and how hockey works through what we wear instead of getting ESPN updates on our phones.

For some tips on dressing the part of an all-knowing sports fan, check out how these college students are putting the “A” in athletic-inspired.

1. Nothing says sporty more than a letterman (style) jacket. Who cares if you weren’t a first string baseball player in high school. Wear the jacket, re-watch Angels in the Outfield and you’ll look like you know all about how many innings there are in a game.Davis101515-5

Photo by: Tegan Davis

2. One thing you always see student athletes sporting is headphones. So wear a big pair with somewhat athletic looking outfit, and you’ll have everyone fooled. #NoNetBrown 2

Photo by: Sherilynn Brown

3. Wear a hat—preferably one with a sports team’s logo that you have at least heard your parents mention the name of. If someone asks about it or mentions a player’s name, just nod your head, smile and walk away. Bleeker101415-3

Photo by: Olivia Bleeker

4. Anything with an athletic brand logo on it is grounds for looking like you know what 15-Love means. This is a great route to take, because you don’t have to pledge allegiance to any particular sports team. Roshitsh101515-3

Photo by: Kaley Roshitsh

5. Wearing sneakers is less about sports teams and more about giving off the illusion of being “fit.” You know, because athletes are in shape. So these are a great way to ease into being “sporty” and looking like you know how to do a sit-up. Scandolo072315-2

Photo by: Ally Scandolo

6. Go for the collegiate sweatshirt for a more old school sporty vibe. Just pretend it was your dad’s and memorize some football lingo from Remember the Titans. Jackson101515-3

Photo by: Andy Jackson

7. If you know more than two sports teams, then you can wear a jersey-inspired topChism091515-2

Photo by: Qayla Chism