Avoid Holiday Stress with These 10 Tips

It’s getting to be that time of year again where everything starts piling up. You’ve got exams, interviews, meetings, and activities to attend. To make everything more stressful, you have to be locked at home with all those holiday distractions. Whether your family always brings drama when the holidays roll around, or if you just lose focus when you’re at home, the holidays can bring on some serious stress. And who wants to be stressed over the holidays, right? So we’ve gathered our top holiday stress tips that will banish it (or at least make it more manageable).

Make Lists to Stay Organized

A lot of holiday stress can come from feeling unorganized and losing track of what you have on your to-do list. So, InStyle suggests making a list to keep track of all your tasks throughout the holidays. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of crossing off a task from a to-do list?

Prioritize Your Physical Health

Whether you hit the gym, go for a run, or take a fitness class at your favorite studio, making time for your physical health is super important when battling stress. On top of exercise, don’t forget to get enough sleep and make sure you’re eating healthy between holiday meals.

Have a Self-Care Day

You know the best way to take care of yourself. During the holidays, make sure you schedule in some much needed ‘me time’ between all the parties and family obligations. Go for a hike, listen to your favorite playlist, or have a DIY spa day. The catch? The only person on the guest list should be you.

Practice Meditation

The benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again, and they’re pretty awesome. Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and sensitivity to pain. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also been proven to improve your productivity, memory, and mood.

Maintain Your Daily Schedule

Sometimes the holidays can mess up your daily schedule that keeps you productive and motivated. Bustle emphasized that keeping up the “healthiest, most enjoyable aspects of our usual routine” is a good way to avoid getting stressed.

Take a Whiff of Citrus

I know, it sounds a little odd. But according to Health, researchers found that certain citrus fruits “boost feelings of well-being and alleviate stress.” So grab some lemons and take a whiff. Or put a little orange essential oil on your wrist for an on-the-go mood boost.

Opt for a Tech Break

When you have a set obligation or task you want to focus on, turn your phone on silent or leave it in the car. Constantly getting texts or updates distracts you and contributes to short bursts of adrenaline. So to save yourself from that stress, just take a break from your phone and laptop to focus on family and friends.

Listen to Some of Your Favorite Tunes

Not only is listening to your favorite music a great way to relax, it’s also one of the best holiday stress tips out there. Health found that studies have shown listening to music you love relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow, which is good for your heart and you!

Eat a Spicy Meal

Did you know eating spicy foods releases endorphins? Well thanks to Health (and us), now you do! So if you’re a lover of hot food, you’re in luck. Try and work in some spicy food throughout the holidays so you can stay relaxed and stress free.

Don’t Overdo It

Yes, this tip seems obvious, but it’s always helpful to get a reminder. You’re only human. And while you want to do everything and attend every holiday event, sometimes prioritizing what you need to do and what’s most important to you is your best bet. Just in case you need another reminder, it’s okay to say no.

What are some of your go to tips to avoid holiday stress? Let me know in the comments below!

Opening image by @katarinabrunette