10 Effortless Hairstyles for Wrapping up the Holidays

10 Effortless Hairstyles for Wrapping up the Holidays

The holiday season can be frantic enough as it is. Being the CF girl we know you are, you’ll be thinking of others before thinking about yourself. Make sure to set some “me” time aside this season to be able to breathe, relax, and pamper yourself. Hair speaks volumes and a little effort can be put in to make you sparkle in front of family and friends. We’ve got you with these 10 effortless holiday hair styles that any girl can pull off before the gingerbread is done baking and the pine-scented candles are lit.

PHOTO: @gabbylm_

Thin Braid Crown

Don’t want to commit to a full head braid? No problem. Just make a small braid on either side of your head and have them meet in the back for a pretty understated look that keeps your hair out of your face. Throw a little bit of Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Loose Glitter ($15) onto the braids for a little zazzle.


PHOTO: @moniqaaaa

Top Knot

Nothing says sophisticated like a sleek top knot. Gather all your hair into a bun on top of your head and smooth it down with some oil to keep the flyaways at bay. Can’t do a top knot? Use one a Donut Bun ($2) from Forever 21 to help you achieve the look.


Retro Waves

Take it back a little and opt for brushed out curls. These will sit just right and frame your face just so. A straightener ($150) can you help you achieve this look.

PHOTO: @kallycera

Side Ponytails

Opt for a little quirk and do two side ponytails. Like they say, two is better than one, right? It will keep things lighthearted and casual. Add some sparkly scrunchies ($12) to really spruce it up.

Bed Head

You’re such a busy gal, why not just roll out of bed with what you got? This look is intentionally messy and casual hairstyle that requires no effort at all. If you want, run your fingers through your hair and call it a day. If it’s day two hair, just bring it back to life with some dry shampoo ($20).

Soft Tousled Waves

For mermaid-like strands, opt for some wavy curls. This look can be achieved by running your fingers through your hair after curling with a curling iron ($26). Or you can get a similar effect by simply braiding wet hair the night before.


Braid Crown

Keep all your hair in one place with a voluptuous braid crown. Pull a few strands out to frame your face. Make sure to have more than a few bobby pins ($3) on hand to keep it in place.

High Ponytail

Put your hair into a high pony when in doubt. If you want to let your pretty hair still fall, do a half-up ponytail look to keep it fun. Spruce up the sides with a few sparkly bobby pins ($6).

Sleek Low Bun

Not into a top bun? Do a sleek low bun instead. Use a hair oil ($6) to smooth down the look.


For my girls with kinky or curling hair, let your hair do it’s thing. Use a curl cream ($9) to really define and bring out your hair’s shape.

Have you have tried any of these holiday hairstyles? Comment below!

Opening image by Ana Acosta