A Hipster's Heaven in Hong Kong

August 7th, 2017 at 2:00am

This summer, I took some time off and flew back to my hometown of Hong Kong. If you are not familiar with this vibrant city, allow me to show you around. Comparable to New York City, Hong Kong is an incredibly dense city, as it is the home to 7.35 million people.

This visit, I decided to retire from the busy streets. My adventures took me to a café located in a Tong Lau. Tong Lau is a Hong Kong special; a tenement constructed decades ago. Accompanied by my childhood friend Luis, I first stepped foot into MUM’s NOT HOME.

As I walked up the shabby staircase of the Tong Lau, I found it extremely hard to believe I was on my way to a cafe. But once I arrived, the place was surprisingly packed. Customers were sitting on the floor, chatting happily while surrounded by greenery and quaint decor. That would be a super rare scene in an American café!

The quirkily dressed café owner then presented us with a large menu. However, since we arrived at 5 p.m., almost all the cheesecakes were sold out. Given the fact that they open from 2-8 p.m.! We quickly realized this café is a hipster’s heaven that sells homemade drinks, cheesecakes, vintage clothes, and collectibles bought by the owner from all over the world. Everything was hip, including the hipster owning this place! What’s more is that many visitors were incredibly unique in their styles. Just like Luis!

To accentuate her long legs, Luis paired her high-waisted shorts from American Eagle Outfitters paired with a colorful stripped crop tank top from the Korean fast fashion retailer A-LAND. For her accessories, she layered her velvet choker from Topshop with an initial L necklace, which was a gift from her family. On top of that, she opted for a pair of Unif “Norma” white sneakers and some chic white fishnet socks to tackle the hot and humid weather. To bring her essentials, she carried a petite black backpack from Agnes B.

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