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Here's What Millennials Really Think About All The Disney Remakes

There comes a time in every millennial’s life where childhood movies can’t help but make us feel nostalgic and emotional. I mean, how can we not feel that way? Even as we “adult” these childhood movies still hold a very precious place in our heart. No matter how grown up we like to appear, as soon as someone asks “What’s your favorite Disney movie?” we quickly go into an epic monologue about how “Toy Story” literally taught us how to feel feelings.

These are the movies that taught us how to laugh, feel, dream, and create our own imaginations and interpretations of life. Without these movies our childhood would be pretty empty.

Flash-forward 20 years and Disney announces that remakes of some their classics (Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King, Mulan, and The Little Mermaid, just to name a few). These remakes have certainly caused a lot of excitement in many millennials since these are the movies we all grew up watching. But are there some things that should be left in the past? Is Disney making it okay to dream again or just capitalizing on nostalgia?

So we went ahead and asked our Style Gurus how they felt about these Disney remakes, what they expect to see from them, and whether or not they are excited for a particular one. Here’s what they had to say!

“I think that Disney remakes are always fun and definitely something I look forward to considering I grew up watching the animated versions.The only thing I wish I saw more of with the upcoming films is more daring casting choices, specifically with ‘Beauty and The Beast.’ Don’t get me wrong, I love Emma Watson, but I definitely do think it was a safe choice to cast her. I’m incredibly excited for The Lion King though. I’m excited to see all the landscape shots in live action!” (Photo via @allyfrancesca)

“Well first let me start by saying that I loved both Disney remakes of ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Jungle Book;’ I watch them all the time! I’m super excited for ‘Beauty and The Beast.’ I hope they stay true to the entire movie. ‘The Lion King’ was my favorite movie as a kid, and I’ve seen it on Broadway so I have very high expectations for this remake. I hope they include Scar’s scene with the hyenas where he sings because that’s my favorite part!”(Photo via @queenhalpal)

“I’m really looking forward to ‘Beauty and The Beast!’ I’m a huge fan of Emma Watson, she’s the perfect person to play Belle. They are both strong, independent, and smart.” (Photo via @thatchiclex)

“Personally, I’m most excited for ‘Beauty and The Beast.’ I think choosing Emma Watson to play the role of Belle was a great decision because she’s so talented and even looks the part. Belle was my favorite princess growing up so I’m looking forward to watching the movie when it comes out. I’ve watched the trailer about 50 times already, and I think it’ll live up to the expectation that the animated version has set. I’ve also listened to part of its soundtrack, and the remake of the theme song with Ariana Grande and John Legend is absolutely heart eyes emoji worthy!” (Photo via @jonnay.v)

“The resurgence of Disney classics has me reliving my childhood all over again, and I know for a fact ‘Beauty and The Beast’ will leave me absolutely shook! Emma Watson is such a beautiful, talented actress, and the set looks almost identical to the original! I’m super excited for this release in particular!” (Photo via @gabscherer)

“I’m very excited for the Mulan remake because director Niki Caro will be the second woman to direct a Disney movie with a $100 million-plus budget. This female-driven film deserves a female gaze from Caro’s perspective and the remake takes action on the under-representation of women in film. Also, the fact they’re doing castings in China will give Mulan the authenticity it deserves. ” (Photo via @cherileighco)

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