Here's How To Make Your Room Not Look Like an Instagram Cliché

Pinterest is a minimalist’s nirvana—blank white walls; simple furniture; quiet bedding. And on Instagram it seems like everyone has their bedrooms perfected from the gauzy curtains down to the way their twinkling string lights fall on their wall. While minimalism is a stunning trend nearly anyone can appreciate, sometimes things start to look the same. How can you stand out when your sources for inspiration are all starting to blur together? We have a few style tips for you to make your room as chic as the ones online, but uniquely your own.

An unexpected touch
A glass case of your crystal and gem collection? An ornate vintage rug? A wall of hats? These are all refreshing chances to take when you’re decorating. Succulents are cool and fun to scatter throughout your room, but picking out something that causes your guests to do a double take is even cooler. Think about the hobbies, interests, or collections you have, and see if there is a creative way to incorporate them.

(photo via @itsandie)

Small-scale changes
You can pack a lot of personalized punch even in the details you may consider insignificant. Marble pushpins and clothespins are extremely popular, so try opting for washi tape to hang up your favorite photos. Jazz up a white comforter with a wildly patterned throw blanket. If you’re a fiend for neutrals, consider the other colors and styles you enjoy, and if bright patterns are your go-to, think of the quiet pastels you can merge with the vibrant hues. It’s simple to test the waters with a style you admire but haven’t committed to. If you’ve always appreciated a good bohemian look, try shaking things up by picking out lamp from a store like Anthropologie.

(photo via @thisisjules16)

Mix and match
White is the new black when it comes to home décor, and while it’s hard to argue the elegance it brings to a room, it may start to feel stale. But with a few added textures, and breaking some color rules you can press the reset button. Include faintly colored vases or pots among your white ones. Find brushed or hammered metal candleholders to switch up the vibe of your pristine bedside table. Lose the word “clash” from your vocabulary and find desktop holders and accessories in different shades of white to give a new spin on your organization.

(photo via @especiallychic)

Same idea, different way
If delicate art, dotted across your wall isn’t something you want to give up, but it needs a little boost, try searching for art outside of popular stores. Pretty quotes and watercolor pictures can be nice, but a vintage frame with a one-of-a-kind painting isn’t something everyone else is going to have hanging up. If you adore having plants on your windowsill, try a potted palm, or a pothos vine that can crawl up around your window. Pick your favorite things about your room and see how you can make a small tweak to make a huge personalized difference–it’s all about making it more you.

(photo via @sarahgargano29)