Here's How to Make Your Own Good Luck

I wish I could claim to be someone who was counting down the days until the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but in reality, I’m not that fun. In my world, being surrounded by thousands of people, lots of alcohol, and unnaturally green water is not something that screams “good time.” Props to you if it does—I’ve always envied my friends who plan their St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans for weeks on end, but all I would get out of that much chaos is one big anxiety attack. So every year, I sit it out on March 17 and watch the craziness from my window while pretending to be annoyed by the noise.

By the time March rolls around, spring fever is in its prime. The winter blues are getting us down, spring break has us wishing for freedom, and midterms have us more than a little stressed. If you’re anything like me, being wild with a parade full of people is the last thing you need to get through the month. However, there’s nothing wrong with needing a little luck of the Irish on your side to make it through to summer.

The traditional symbol of Irish luck is a four leaf clover. I don’t know about you, but finding one of those hasn’t ever improved my life in the slightest. So instead of waiting on superstition to turn your life in the right direction, here are four ways to take luck into your own hands this St. Patrick’s Day:

Send a Note—There will always be times in your life when you start to feel sad, lost, or like you can’t do anything right. College is stressful, confusing, and full of rejection, which is not a good combination for anyone at a time in life when everything is so unknown. Surprisingly, though, I have found that the most simple action can make a world of difference. When I’m feeling down, I often seek out someone I want to connect with and send them a note. It can be anything—a cold email to someone you admire, a written letter to a grandparent, or even a sweet nothing to the person you love. Knowing that you brightened someone else’s day can brighten your own more than you could imagine. (Photo via @gabscherer)

Practice Self Care—Dedicate a day, a week, or a month to taking care of yourself. Whether it’s working out in the morning, giving yourself a spa day, or even just doing absolutely nothing, really focus on taking care of yourself during that time. Committing to yourself rather than everyone else who’s trying to demand your attention and time will do wonders for your sanity, and may even help you get your life under control. (Photo via @thisisjules16)

Make Plans With a Friend—You may already be with your friends 24/7 in college, but I’ve found that making real plans (as in, outside of your dorm) to hang out can bring a much needed change of scenery and vibe to a friendship. Put on your favorite outfit, go to a restaurant or cafe, and have new conversations with people in your life. You’ll find yourself smiling for hours, even after you’ve left. (Photo via @biancacanales)

Do Something New—Breaking out of your comfort zone is obviously never comfortable—that’s the whole point. As cliché as it sounds, college is truly full of opportunities—ones that don’t always exist once you graduate. Take advantage of everything that’s available to you, and put yourself out there. Apply for an internship, join a new club, or make a new contact. Sure, you may be rejected—but that’s part of the experience, and it will always make you a stronger person in the long run. And if you don’t fail, there’s no doubt you’ll start to feel like luck is finally on your side. (Photo via @alexadmendoza)