Here's How To Fit Your Entire Spring Break Wardrobe Into a Backpack

Spring break is almost here. But before you board your flight or hop into the car, there is one small task standing in your way: packing. Let’s face it—packing is the worst. You want to bring as little as possible to avoid baggage fees while still planning for every contingency (like what if it’s raining and/or you happen to run into celebrity crush?).

After traveling quite a bit I have learned a few things: i. those contingencies never happen; ii. I always overpack and regret it; and iii. a properly curated vacation wardrobe only contains pieces that can literally do it all—while fitting into a backpack.

A backpack? As in less than a wheeled carry-on? Isn’t backpacking only for nature travel or jaunting around Europe?

If you read my recent article on “cost-saving travel tips,” then backpacking—no matter the destination—won’t seem too out of the ordinary. When booking with budget airlines, no-frills are attached. That means no checked bag, extra legroom or special treatment. However, you’ll be saving that extra $100 that can go towards your trip, or in my case, food.

The thing is packing a backpack can be difficult; it also challenges you to plan ahead. To prove to you that this is legitimately possible, I’m going to show you exactly how and what I am packing for my upcoming spring break travels!

To successfully travel via backpack, follow these eight space saving tips!

1—That pesky liquid bag

Packing liquids for a flight is a struggle, but using only a backpack makes it easier. It limits what you can bring. Do you really need a whole can of hairspray for a week? I like to buy the squeezable containers from Target, that way I can pack my shampoo and conditioner that I already have at home. I also buy sample size containers for foundation, lotion, and primer.

I’m bringing:
-Face wash
-Contact solution
-Dry shampoo
-Body wash

2—The “tech” necessities

It’s impossible to travel without your technology. Choose what’s most important and pack that in your bag. I’ll be wearing my camera around my neck for the flight. (I would not suggest this, but you gotta do what you gotta do.) Don’t forget those chargers and adapters.

I’m bringing:
-Hard drive

3—Plan outfits ahead of time

This is a hard one. I’m the type of person who loves having lots of options and deciding the morning of. Unfortunately, that person can not fit their whole wardrobe in a backpack. If you plan your outfits, you’ll know exactly what you need.

4—Love the basics

Since packing all seven outfits seemed like torture, I packed for five days and then brought two basics. That way I can mix and match on the days that weren’t necessarily planned. Plus white T-shirts go with everything.

5—Roll your clothes

It actually works, especially with smaller items like T-shirts and dresses. It helps condense space and leaves room for bigger items.

6—Dress for the weather

Although I’d love to wear dresses and T-shirts everyday, the weather won’t have it. Since I’m traveling to multiple locations, I had to pack a few extra layers for the colder places. Although this sweater takes up a bit of room, it’ll be worth it for the weather.

7—Bring a jacket but wear it on the plane

I couldn’t tell you a time I didn’t wear my leather jacket on a plane. Not only does it give off a “cool” girl vibe, but it’ll also keep you toasty in the arctic they call an airplane. Plus it’s not taking up the extra room in your backpack.

8—The “right” backpack

It all comes down to this. I don’t think I could fit everything if I didn’t have this spacious backpack. You need something sturdy and roomy if you plan on traveling for more than a few days.

And ta da!!! Your backpack is complete

I’m bringing:
-Two basic t-shirts
-Two turtlenecks
-One pair of jeans
-One skirt
-One dress
-One sweater
-One going out top
-One pair of PJs
-Three pairs of socks
-One pair of fishnets
-One hat
-Weeks worth of underwear

Have you backpacked before? What are you save spacing tips? Let me know what you packed in the comments below.