Here's Exactly How To Fake an Expensive Wardrobe

There are two difficult truths: expensive clothes look really good and most of us usually cannot afford them. There are may designer trends that are seen in fast fashion retailers in terms of prints, cuts, and style. However, pricier brands are usually just made better and from more quality materials, meaning that they tend make us look better.

It is the best feeling to being complimented on an outfit. This usually happens when you are wearing something luxurious and expensive looking. It is an even better feeling secretly knowing you didn’t blow your bank account! Following is always the question of  Where did you get that? An instant confidence booster; whether it was pricey or not.

A stylish wardrobe doesn’t need cost a lot, but it can give the illusion of being expensive. Here’s how to fake a luxurious looking wardrobe with two simple steps, and fool the streets into thinking otherwise!


When shopping for new pieces, start to pay more attention to the fabric. Fabrication is one of the main ways to tell if a garment is expensive or not. However, there are a few fabrics that are not necessarily pricey but give the illusion that you spent a pretty penny. Know how to make smarter, more luxurious fabric choices, even when you’re a broke college student.Photo via WhoWhatWear

Linen– Natural fabrics like linen feel expensive and actually get better with age. Synthetic fabrics have a shiny finish which screams cheap and are known to deteriorate at a faster rate.

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Faux suede– Faux or vegan suede naturally looks fancier than it really is. Differentiating between faux suede from the real thing can be difficult, therefore we have deemed it to be a perfect affordable fabric.

Suede Effect Dress, $19.99, Available at Zara

Cotton– Cotton is known as the quality fabric with the relatively low-price point. Similar to linen, it is a natural fiber that is easy to care for and wash.

Message Cotton T-shirt, $15.99, Available at Mango

Acrylic– Acrylic pieces lose their shape quickly and forget about washing it; after one wash it becomes stretched out and ill-fitting. It is often found in sweaters, however it isn’t necessarily warm for the winter months.

Rayon– Rayon tends to show wear and tear very easily, making it a cheap looking fabric. You will also start to notice pilling after only a few wears.

Polyester– Polyester was formerly know for its bad reputation. Todays improved version had a decent feel and is hard to avoid when shopping for affordable fashion. Each piece made of this fabric should be looked at individually for quality. Stick to brands that are known for their quality to avoid inexpensive looking polyester.

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The third piece rule is a smart trick to make sure your outfits are always amazing. So what’s the third piece rule? It is an outfit comprised of three pieces, not including your shoes; Piece one and two are your top and pants, and the third piece is your extra element, whether it be a jacket, sweater, blazer, vest, or statement accessory. By adding another touch, it elevates your outfit and makes it look more visually appealing.

Why is this third piece so special? It makes a basic look more polished, put together, and more interesting. By adding even a forth and fifth piece, it elevates your outfit and makes it look more visually appealing. Styling is key to any look, making it an easy way to make an entire outfit look more expensive.

How do you make your outfits look more expensive than they are? Let us know in the comments below!