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HAIR-SPIRATION—13 Rainbow Manes We're "Dyeing" Over

October 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Sure, Halloween is an excuse for everyone to be bold, do something different and take a risk. But since when do Fashionistas/os need an excuse to experiment with their look?

Whether you are looking to switch up your hair for fall or wanting something more temporary for this weekend’s festivities, colorful manes are all the rage. Whether you opt for a pastel purple or neon pink, find a color as expressive and fun as you!

Need some hair-spiration? Check out these 13 rainbow colored manes we spotted right here on CollegeFashionista!

1. 50 shades of lilac


Photo by Joomi Park

2. Fiery ombrè has us fired up


Photo by Natalie Miller

3. Just the tip


Photo by Julie Rajman

4. Red hot bob


Photo by Erica Cellucci

5. Punk rock princess


Photo by Carla Dannug

6. Pink—not just reserved for the ladies


Photo by Tiffany Gregoire

7. Subtle purple strands are anything but subtly gorgeous


Photo by Anna Mathias

8. Bl-ink (blonde+pink)


Photo by Brittany Minetti

9. Blue do

Bullock -2

Photo by Sharvelle Bullock

10. Purple rain, purple rain


Photo by Kate Young

11. Green with envy (and ivy)


Photo by McKall Willis

12. Blunt and to the point

Photo by Brisa Gomez

13. The prettiest violet there ever was


Photo by Megan Sharp