#GuruGang 2.0—Aisha Hatter and Her Super #RAD Squad

We know our Style Gurus roll with fabulous and fashionable cliques. But what happens when these Fashionistas leave CollegeFashionista, graduate and leave the nest? Well they surround themselves with equally #RAD “adult” #GuruGangs, all hustling and making names for themselves in the industry as the venture through to process of growing-up together.

In this new series, we will be highlighting some of our former Style Gurus and the gaggle of friends they surround themselves with (their #GuruGang 2.0, if you will).

First up is a familiar face around CollegeFashionista. Aisha Hatter is not only CollegeFashionista’s Marketing Manager, but is our resident cool girl as well. So it is no surprise that her #GuruGang is a group of major hustlers with major sense of style.

Get to know more about the ladies that make up this #GuruGang 2.0! (Bonus—they’re all former Style Gurus!)

Aisha Hatter, Marketing Manager at CollegeFashionista


Favorite way to spend time with your friends? I love hopping around to our favorite local spots, taking photos of each other, shopping and just traipsing around the city together. I have fun with them no matter what we’re doing.

How are you inspired by your friends? While I have a lot of acquaintances, my circle of close friends is very tight-knit. All of my closest friends are unique and bring something different to the table. I’m inspired by their cool personalities, senses of style and abilities to put up with me.

What advice to you have to other young females? Once you find a loyal friend that you can count on, keep them close. Encourage each other to be the best versions of yourselves. Work hard and celebrate one another.

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Kali Concepcion, Freelance Graphic Designer

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Favorite way to spend time with your friends? My friends and I love to eat at restaurants and when we can, play a good game of Rummikub.

How are you inspired by your friends? We’re all creative in our different ways which keeps things interesting. So I guess that brings in inspiration and things to learn from all sides of the spectrum.

What advice to you have to other young females? Whatever naturally calls to you, in any sense, is probably the best thing out there regardless of what you saw on Instagram. Frank Zappa said, “Without deviation (from the norm), ‘progress’ is not possible.” (I haven’t used that quote since MySpace but I saw the opportunity and seized it.)

Nicole Glickman, Fashion Business Management Student at FIT

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Favorite way to spend time with your friends? My favorite days spent with friends involve afternoon brunch, a day of vintage shopping and the night ending at a show for some dancing.

How are you inspired by your friends? The ladies in my life inspire me not only through each of their wicked personal styles, but also because they’re genuinely the coolest people I know. We all push one another to reach our full potentials, which is the greatest thing you could ask of a friend.

What advice to you have to other young females? Find what you love and run with it!

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Sammy Walsh, Brand Marketing Director at CollegeFashionista

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Favorite way to spend time with your friends? Aisha and I work together at CF, so we spend all day everyday together. We know more about one another than anyone should. Outside of work, we love to go to Starbucks and Sephora, hang out and watch TV/movies and FaceTime one another. Going without Aisha is like going without a limb (stole that line from her).

How are you inspired by your friends? Everyone is so different but equally as cool. Aisha’s #GuruGang is super hard-working but knows how to have fun without getting caught up in NYC’s rat race.

What advice to you have to other young females? Surround yourself with women who inspire you and encourage you to be your best self. Forget competition or anyone who is interested in it—build each other up!

Alex Peacher, Copywriter at The RealReal

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Favorite way to spend time with your friends? Catching a show at Baby’s All Right and wandering the city.

How are you inspired by your friends? I’m constantly trying to better myself because all my friends seem to be on top of their sh*t. I’m constantly learning from them about new music and different views on the world perceived around us.

What advice to you have to other young females? Always have an open mind.