How I Grew My Hair Long and Healthy in One Year

As the title of this article points out, it took one year for my hair to officially be considered long by society. Growing your hair long and healthy is not easy, and depending upon your genetics, it may take you longer to see the results you are wanting compared to some of your colleagues. That is why I am here to resolve your stress and worries to figuring out how to grow your hair long and healthy.

1—Clean out your hair supplies closet. Take a look at your hair supplies closet and think about if all of those shampoos and conditioners are really benefiting your hair. Add oils that are beneficial to hair growth like coconut oil, castor oil, etc. Let’s just say the more natural the products you are using, the better it will be for your hair growth. Plus, if you don’t have a pair, already add some trimming scissors to your hair closet just in case you want to get rid of those pop-up split ends that come every Christmas morning.

2—Let go of the heat styling tools. Yes, I said it. This is a major key to getting your hair to grow long, cut out all of your heat styling as soon as possible. Actually, just throw them out the window after you read this article. Just kidding, but please use heat styling tools in moderation. If I have learned one thing when wanting to grow your hair long, it is that heat will drastically slow down the process. Not only that, heat is what will continue to damage your hair. When you go for your monthly trims, you will have to cut off more than what you planned for. So save yourself the misery and cut back on using heat to get length sooner than later.

3—Maintaining and recording. In order to maintain the healthy stages that your hair will grow to, you will need to make sure to have a consistent hair routine. For example, trim your hair every three months and deep condition every two weeks. Also, recording your hair journey will make it visually apparent if your haircare routine is actually working for you or not. In my freshman year of high school my hair was a little bit below my ears and now in my third year of college, my hair is right above my bottom.

If you want to receive those “oh my gosh your hair is so long and beautiful” compliments on a weekly basis make sure you are giving your hair all the love it needs and deserves.

What is your hair care routine? Let me know in the comments below.