How I Got My Healthy Hair Back

August 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

Our hair is loyal to us through the dying, scorching, bleaching, and everything else that we put it through. We put it through so much every single day yet it still looks like healthy hair! But why aren’t we as loyal to our hair as it is to us? We insist on using dangerous chemicals to “clean” our hair, which then begs the question: how clean is our hair really? If we’re just replacing our hairspray chemicals with shampoo chemicals, can we really consider our hair clean?

Aside from whether or not the product did what I wanted, I never cared about what I was really using. I mean, why would I care if I was getting the desired result? Well, about a year ago I got my answer. Each time I brushed my hair or rinsed shampoo out in the shower large clumps of hair were falling out. I realized that my hair was dry and the split ends were outrageous, even when I avoided using hot tools. My hair looked just as fragile as it felt, I decided that I had to do something to fix this.

A lot of research went into figuring out how to solve my problem. What did the words on my shampoo label mean? Why did my hair act the way that it did? And what kind of products could I use to fix the problem? Post-research, I came to a few conclusions. One, the products I was currently using on my hair were not cutting it, and two, to fix my hair, I could use a chemical-based or natural-based product. Meaning, ingredients designed in a lab or ingredients that I could read and understand could make up the products. The most obvious choice was to go with the natural ingredient base.

1—Rehabilitate healthy hair. First, repairing my hair of the damage that had been done over the years with a new shampoo. I opted for one similar to this one by AG Hair. It was important to me to find a company that didn’t test on animals and at least made an attempt to contribute as little harm to the environment as possible. AG Hair covers all of this, and the shampoo put my hair through a full rehabilitation.

2—Encourage healthy hair. Second, discover a conditioner that will replenish natural moisture to my hair giving it a healthy volume and bounce. Try RE:Coil by AG Hair! My hair has a gorgeous natural wave that had been missing for years because of my lack of care. I wanted it back and better than ever, so something to promote lively hair was desirable, to say the least!

3—Maintain healthy hair. Lastly, now that I once again had beautiful hair, I wasn’t going to let it get away again. I had learned that a major source of dry and damaged hair was washing too frequently. The solution: taking the dry shampoo route on days my hair seemed a bit too shiny. The one I fell in love with is similar to this AG Hair product. I love that you can’t tell I used it and it adds a bit more volume than some of the others I’ve tried!

Overall, searching for my healthy hair was a long process. Now I want to know, what are your favorite hair-repair products? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to tag @CFashionista on social media!