Go Make Opportunities Happen

Go Make Opportunities Happen

It is not a matter of luck.

Typically, it is the third thing people say when they find out I go to college in Europe (only beaten by, “Are you a Conor McGregor fan?” and “Have you seen a leprechaun or a pot of gold yet?”). No matter what, though, people always say, “Wow, you are so lucky.” The truth is, it was not a matter of luck at all.

It is not based on luck.

This situation is more common than you would think. You might see a cool, scenic view on Instagram and think, “That person is so lucky to be there.” You could even begin to feel jealous and want that for yourself.

What we all need to realize is that these opportunities are not based on luck at all. These amazing adventures happen because people work hard and make decisions that allow for them to be in those positions.

I found myself in my own position due to circumstances that could not be further from mere luck. In fact, it took many complex decisions to get to where I am. I studied abroad at my Irish university for a year. The choice to pack my bags and spend even that much time in an unfamiliar place was very difficult. However, I knew I was missing out on adventures and excitement that I was needing in my life. I will never regret that decision.

I have grown and expanded my mind more than I ever imagined could be possible. In comparison to my previous decision, the choice I made to stay at my university in Ireland was an entirely different ballgame. It was one that meant years away from my family and friends, as well as many economical sacrifices for everyone involved in the transfer. I knew it would make me happy in the long run. It was also clear that no part of it would be easy. I had to take a leap and reach for the adventure I was craving.

It is not luck.

It did not just magically happen.

I did not win the lottery or get offered an all expenses paid trip. My determination encouraged me to go get my visa, find housing, and make an effort to learn everything that would be required of me. I planned my own trips, learned to be ready for anything, and always had my passport on hand. I made adventures and opportunity happen. Luck played no part in my journey.

The next time you see an epic picture on social media and wish that person was you, start working. Save up money, do your research, and start making things happen for yourself. Do not wait around for opportunity to strike you. Go find it.

Have you gone and sought out an amazing adventure lately? Comment about it below!