Giving Life to a Partial Uniform for Work

Several jobs for college students may require at least a partial uniform, and let’s be real, wearing the same thing several days of the week isn’t exactly enjoyable for us Fashionistas. We want to be trendy and individualize while still following the dress code for work.

Wearing something different from what you usually do or throwing in a cute accessory can go a long way. Small, simple things still stand out and can really make one’s uniqueness shine.

Never be afraid to try new looks and push boundaries for work appropriate attire that is still stylish. Being required to wear a uniform can take away individuality, but spicing things up can help you stand out from everyone else even though you are wearing something that is the same as fellow coworkers. Having a job while in college is time consuming, but earning and saving money becomes a necessity. So never feel like you need to go out and buy clothes or accessories just for work. Simply take a look at the things you already own and try to make the most out of it!

At one of my jobs, our uniform includes a simple red T-shirt. Most days I will throw on leggings or, if it is warm enough, jean shorts. But lately, I have been trying to step outside of my comfort zone for more trendy looks, mostly for my own pleasure. Sometimes change can be good, and switching things up from what I usually wear can really boost my confidence. Dressing for oneself is always a good feeling. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of it just because you might be limited in part of an outfit.

Throwing on neutral shorts I don’t normally wear or even feeling bold with some vintage jeans can really make the T-shirt look a lot more stylish. Both options are still simple enough not to take away from the uniform but still very fashionable. Simple accessories, such as a tie choker also adds to the look.

Obviously not all jobs require just a T-shirt, some may have more or less requirements and there are many creative ways to go about rejuvenating a simple uniform!

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