How to Get the Most Out of the Rest of the Summer

August 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
How to Get the Most Out of the Rest of the Summer

The problem I’m facing right now is back to school. All everyone wants to talk about is going back to school. As I sat here trying to think about what I wanted to write about, I realized that it’s not all about fall or school that is coming. Now, with that being said, it is still summer! You still have the rest of the month to do what you can to make the most out of the rest of the summer. Here are a few ways that you can beat those back to school blues and finish off the summer with a bang.

Start by getting outside! It’s still nice out and there is still plenty to do. No matter where you are, there are outdoor activities for you to do. Go for a hike, go to the beach, or even just go play some yard games with your friends. Try on these cute sneakers for some motivation.

Spend some time with your guru gang before you’re swamped with school work. You know the crew, your guru gang is always there for you, ready with opinions on your wardrobe, and advice on your life. Go to lunch, go on a day trip somewhere not too far away, or you can even go shopping to get a few back to school necessities.

Still have things left on your bucket list? Start crossing them off. Every summer I make a bucket list of activities I want to do and usually I never finish it. I hope you are not like me when it comes to the bucket list, and if you are, you have time to cross off the last of it. There could be some recipes you wanted to try, outfits you wanted to wear, places you wanted to go, or even activities you wanted to do. Don’t let time stop you now. For your beach bucket list, you’ll need a killer bathing suit and for your going out bucket list, you’ll need a stunning outfit or LBD.

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself, whether you are going off hiking every day, lounging at the beach or pool, or even just catching up on your Netflix. Take time to relax and enjoy yourself, maybe get a tan or buy the dress you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t spend every day working or stressed about school starting.

How are you spending the last of your summer days? Tell me in the comments!