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Friendsgiving, Formal Affair, Casual Feast—We Have The Best Thanksgiving Look For Your Specific Celebration

November 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Every year millions of people in America take a day off to celebrate, eat, and think about all the things they’re thankful for. Of course, you should always be thankful for something every day but as a Fashionista/o, there is one thing in particular you especially be thankful for: the opportunity to show off your favorite look of the season. As you welcome in relatives who may only see you once or twice a year, take advantage of your closet staples and wear an outfit that is sure to be a conversation starter. What better time and place for your friends and family to appreciate the days you’ve spent curating the best of fall trends than on this special night?

Whether you’re staying home with family or traveling abroad to a different place, here are a few looks you can try as you dress to impress this Thanksgiving. These Fashionistas definitely own each look, from comfy knits to edge bombers. Each look is unique and can be the perfect source of inspiration for your own outfit!

For A Warm Weather Turkey Day: This look is perfect for those living in areas where the cold has yet to creep in. Wear a tank with a statement necklace and add a long sleeveless cardigan to elongate your body. (Photo via @jaidabrinkley_)


For Meeting the Parents: If you plan on visiting your significant other’s family, wear this flowy dress and pair it with some killer thigh-high boots. This will definitely get a seal of approval. (Photo via @anagabrielateran)


For An All Day Affair: Grab a pair of your favorite overall dress (bonus points if it’s this color) and layer it over a neutral toned long sleeve to keep you warm! (Photo via @alliesarachene)


For Going To Your Grandparent’s House: This orange colored cardigan is the perfect match to a variety of patterns this Fashionista is sporting. Florals, stripes, and knits…who knew it’d make such an amazing combination! (Photo via @stylebymar_)screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-3-38-04-pm

For Casual Family Gathering: You probably want to stay comfortable throughout dinner as you’re feasting and chatting away. Give your heels a break and wear a nice pair of loafers to last you the night. (Photo by @kirameetsworld)


For Friendsgiving: If you plan on going out with your friends this Thanksgiving, wear a statement outwear like this one. The embellished bomber is sure to reel in those compliments. (Photo via @carbarr7)


For When You Want To Be A Conversation Starter: This metallic slip looks amazing paired with a long knitted-cardigan. Wearing this look is sure to set you apart as the ultimate Fashionista of the family clan! (Photo via @sarahdewald)


For When You Want To Sit At The Adult Table: For a more mature look, use dainty pieces of jewelry to make any dark long sleeve look instantly chic. Add a nice scarf for extra warmth (pumpkin spice latte optional). (Photo via @gianna_cifalde)