Try These Free Shopping Apps to Elevate Your Fashion Game

January 30th, 2019 at 5:00pm
Try These Free Shopping Apps to Elevate Your Fashion Game

Raise your hand if becoming a better shopper is on your New Year’s resolution list! Okay, I’m sure there would be quite a few of you with your hands up if I could see you. Becoming a better and more sustainable shopper is something that’s always in the back of my mind as a fashion major. Even still, I always find myself going to the same fast fashion places. So with the new year, I decided to actually make a change and update the way I shop. I found these great, free shopping apps that help how I shop, where I shop, and how often I shop. Let me tell you, they are totally wardrobe-changing. Take a look and try them out for yourself!

Good on You

What it is: Good on You rates brands on their environmental and social sustainability and gives them scores for different categories. The app also gives suggestions for more ethical brands if the brand you searched has low scores. As a bonus, you can send positive and negative feedback to companies through the app.

Why I like it: I love using Good On You when I’m out shopping. Apparel brands are so secretive about their supply chains and it’s hard to know which ones are actually fulfilling their claims of sustainability. This app allows me to make more ethical decisions on where I purchase my clothing, and it’s a great way to discover new brands that may be a better option.


What it is: Poshmark is consignment shopping, but all on your phone! You can buy and sell clothing from name brands like Zara, Michael Kors, Nike, and Louis Vuitton. There’s also a style feature where you can shop other users’ closets or request to be styled by a stylist.

Why I like it: Poshmark takes away all the stressful aspects of consignment shopping. This app is nice because I can search specific brands I know and love, and it’s still a more ethical choice than buying something new. Plus, you get so many more options than what your local consignment shop has to offer.

Rent the Runway

What it is: Rent the Runway allows you to rent designer products so you can have your dream closet with a click of a button. There’s three different rental options you can use: one-time rentals, unlimited access, and monthly shipments. Choose from brands like Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, and more.

Why I like it: Like many of you, I am a college student who doesn’t have a large disposable income, especially when it comes to clothing. What I love about Rent the Runway is that it allows me to get trendy designer items without committing to a $1000 price tag.


What it is: This free shopping app lets you learn more about a product’s history by scanning its barcode so you can make better purchasing decisions. You can also join campaigns to support causes you care about from popular non-profit organizations. While Buycott doesn’t primarily focus on fashion products, it does have an extensive product range, including clothing, beauty, food, entertainment, and personal care to name a few.

Why I like it: I love seeing where all my products are made and if they align with values and causes I care about. When I first got this app, I literally went around my whole house scanning everything to learn more about what I’ve purchased.


What it is: Cladwell is a digital wardrobe that puts together outfit ideas and also allows you to organize your clothes virtually. You upload your closet by exploring over 16,000 pieces of clothing, then it combines everything to show you endless wardrobe possibilities. The app also helps you shop smarter by showing you where the gaps are in your closet.

Why I like it: As a busy student with 8 am classes, planning my outfits is not a priority. I try my best, but there’s always that morning I wake up late and didn’t plan something the night before. Cladwell solves the age old problem of, “I have so many clothes, but have nothing to wear.”

What it is: is a hidden gem in the app store. The app let’s you access and shop real content from bloggers, influencers, and celebrities who are part of the shopping app’s community.

Why I like it: I am definitely one of those people who loves a blogger’s Instagram post, but can’t find any of the items from their outfit online. So this shopping app has been my go-to. This way I don’t waste time searching for something similar or buy something I don’t really love.

Have other free shopping apps you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!

Opening image by Sabrina Romanko