Fashion And Beauty Careers You've Probably Never Heard Of

fashion and beauty careers

When it comes to the fashion and beauty industries, you always hear about the same jobs: Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, etc. Not saying these jobs aren’t great jobs, it’s just the fashion and beauty industries are made up of so many other amazing jobs that allow you to still pursue your specific interests and, chances are, you’ve probably never even heard of them! Here is a list of some of those not-so-common jobs you probably never heard of when it comes to fashion and beauty careers.

Whether you are obsessed with up-and-coming technological advancements in skincare, can’t get enough of those shiny and glamorous runway lights and backdrops, or want to be behind the scenes of a lifestyle and wellness brand’s latest campaign with the hottest new celebrity, these beauty and fashion job ideas will definitely send you in the right direction. Your interest in beauty and/or your degree in fashion can take you to some really cool places, including these career options below.

If you're interested in technology and media…

  • Video DP (Director of Photography)– This role would be perfect for someone who is into photography. In this role, you figure out how to make the director’s request a reality. You oversee all the shots, give direction to the gaffer and camera assistant, and make sure the photoshoot is an overall success for the client.
  • Trend Scout– This role would be for someone who stays on top of trends and can determine what’s next. This role entails studying street style and attending fashion shows. You then report back and let your client know what should be included in their next collection.
  • Search Trends Analyst- This role is data-heavy. In this role, you analyze site search query logs to figure out new and interesting patterns in how people shop and create outfits. 
  • Runway Technician– This is the perfect mix between fashion and technology. In this role, you’re responsible for the lighting, music, cameras, and all the other event production details Your job is to make sure your client’s fashion event makes an impact and runs without issues. 
  • Fashion Evangelist– This job would be perfect for someone who has an interest in social media. In this role, you’re responsible for connecting big brands with talented influencers. Think bloggers, YouTubers, TikTokers, etc. 

If you're interested in the creative process…

  • TV / Movie Fashion Design Consultant– In this role, you are in charge of doing background research and creating the overall show’s environment via the costumes.
  • Print Approver– Are you obsessed with patterns and prints? Then this job would be a great job for you! In this role, you are in charge of sourcing and developing print fabrics for whatever collection or company you are working for. 
  • Pop-Up Store Designer– This job is pretty much straightforward. This role entails designing pop-up shops to bring buzz to your client’s new product or line.
  • Technical Designer/Garment Technician– In this role, you have to figure out how to turn a 2D sketch into a 3D garment. You have to make sure the garment is constructed right and fits well for all sizes. That includes making adjustments when needed, conducting fitting on models, and communicating any changes to the factory.
  • Natural Dye Maker- This job would be perfect for someone who is interested in ethical fashion. In this role, you use safe and natural sources to dye fabrics for your fashion clients
fashion and beauty careers

If you're interested in business

  • Compliance and Logistics Coordinator- In this role, you are responsible for helping your client find sources for their materials, importing them, and helping them manage the complicated customs process when it comes to shipping the materials. 
  • Fashion Real Estate Agent- This role would be a great role for someone who has an interest in both fashion and real estate. In this role you are responsible for helping fashion brands find offices, retail locations, and warehouse spaces. 
  • Brand Artistic Director– This job is like being a marketing manager, visual artist and beauty professional in one. For this role, you would be responsible for the overall branding of the company’s salon, clothing, or product. You would have to make sure the brand is consistent and on-trend. 
  • Product Developer– In this role, you would create and develop a product from the ground up. This can include things such as naming eyeshadow shades, creating the overall concept, and making sure the formula is correct.
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility Operations- This role is definitely meant for someone who cares for our environment. This role entails coming up with initiatives aimed at conscious consumers as well as establishing more environmentally friendly production systems. 
  • Public Relations Representative- If you are all about living in a fast-paced career and representing brands you love, being in PR is for you. Here, you would work alongside reporters at media brands, influencers, and even celebrities to share more about a beauty or fashion line with fellow fashionistas.

I believe there’s a place for everyone in fashion and beauty, you just have to know where your passion lies. Hopefully, this list can spark your job search and give you some direction!

Featured Image by piotr szulawski on Unsplash