4 Black Girl Beauty Lessons From Tracee Ellis Ross’ Instagram

4 Black Girl Beauty Lessons From Tracee Ellis Ross’ Instagram

If it isn’t obvious, I am a die-hard fan of Tracee Ellis Ross. From her effortless curls to her curvaceous figure, I have always wanted to look like her. I enjoy scrolling through her Instagram for inspiration on how to rock my own curls and curves (or lack thereof—ha!). Here are some pointers that I’ve compiled while scrolling through my favorite Ross’s Instagram.

1—Own your cornrows. No, world, the Kardashians did not start this trend. In fact, our moms (and their moms, and then their moms) did. Tracee still embraces her rows, often wearing either two French braids or three to five thick cornrows. Here, I wear a partial cornrow down the middle with golden hoops.

2—Buns can be fun, too. When you have curly/frizzy/thick locks, you never know how your hair will look when you roll out of bed. Tracee seems to always embrace the surprise; she frequently styles her hair in a bun or a low ponytail. She makes sure to dress up the hairdo with a glammed-out face and jewelry to match. Here, I match a low pony with a tassel earring.

3—Embrace your face. In many of Tracee’s Instagram shots, you can tell she isn’t wearing any makeup. Am I the only one who finds this astounding? #TeamMelanin is great and all, but it’s almost impossible to be entirely one, even shade of brown. Zoë Kravitz and Solange don’t count—they’re metahumans. I, myself, have white spots from hyperpigmentation, dark spots from acne scars, and dark circles from, well, being a college student. I’m constantly tempted to even out my multiple tones with concealers and thick foundations that practically prevent my face from breathing. Tracee, in all of her fresh-faced shots, is always seen with a natural glow. Find a cleansing and moisturizing routine that suits your skin type best, and stick to it. As a result, your face will generate a natural shine and vibrancy. You can accentuate your glow with a thin layer of bronzer.

4—Find your classic go-to look and make sure it suits you. If Tracee isn’t glammed out or experimenting with her locks, we can always find her rocking her famous afro with a red matte lip. It’s her go-to, classic look. It’s how we identify her as Tracee Ellis Ross. Your look may take years to discover, or maybe you were born knowing it. It may be a face-framing afro, your favorite head scarf, or a decorative statement earring. Find what compliments you and all of your brown girl imperfections, and perfect it.

What are some of your black girl hair and beauty rituals? Let me know in the comments below, or show me on social media. Be sure to tag @CFashionista!