Five Things to Never Forget at Home

It’s summer, which means wearing less and going out more. But if you’re like me, you always seem to be unprepared. Whether it’s forgetting something or not knowing what to bring, it seems like you’re making a list every time you leave the house. But not to worry, I’ve made a list of a few things you should never leave the house without regardless of the occasion.

1.) Portable Charger.  Cell phone was too obvious for this list, but the cell phone charger was not. Not only do you have to bring your charger, but you have to make sure you bring your car charger. Oh, and your friends need to charge their phones, too. Don’t forget that one friend with the Android. So, what do you do? You can’t go all day, or all weekend, asking to borrow a charger or miss posting on the gram. If you can’t be bothered with frivolities, then commit to a portable charger. Portable chargers are now small enough they’ll fit in your purse, are compatible with most smart phones, and come with cute designs.

2.) Sunscreen. A commonly overlooked or overdone facet of summer outings is sunscreen. People tend to either lather it on or not bring any at all. Find a happy medium with a light weight, medium to full coverage sunscreen that’ll keep your skin healthy but not inhibit a tan.

3.) Camera. Sure, you can take pictures with your phone, but don’t you want a tangible memory without having to pay to get your photos printed? Bringing along a disposable or Polaroid camera also saves you from taking up too much storage on your phone because of pictures. Plus, there are some really cute camera bags available to accessorize your outfit with.

4.) Head Scarf. Have we reentered the ’50s, or did is that ‘head scarf’ on the list? No, but yes. It’s summer! Take full advantage of driving with the top down and the windows open, but please don’t ruin your hair. There are few people in this hair who can pull off the I-just-rode-75mph-in-a-convertible-with-the-top-down-hair. Do yourself a favor and purchase a head scarf, bandana, or something else to prevent your hair from becoming a mess.

5.) Snacks. Unless you are specifically leaving your house to go get food, and even if you are, it is pertinent to sneak some snacks in your bag wherever you go. While gushers and candy are fun, try to stick with something that will keep your blood sugar and energy leveled, like fruit or nuts.

What are some of your go-to items you can’t leave the house without? Help us all out by commenting below!