Five Hairstyles To Have You Class-Ready In Two Minutes or Less

Here’s the scenario. It’s your first few weeks of class and you want to make a great first impression (not just for that cute upperclassman, but your professor as well!). The problem? You have the “coveted” 8 a.m. Friday lecture. While you don’t want to have wake up two hours early to look polished, you also don’t want your look to scream “I woke up like this” (in a bad way).

Never fear, Fashionistas. Here are five super simple (and equally fabulous) hairstyles that will have you very much class-ready in two minutes or less.

1. The half-up top knot


Article by Brooke Huseby

2. Crown braid


Article by Blaine Hostetler

3. Knotted turban


Article by Alexandra Amendola

4. Messy braid


Article by Siyu Liu

5. Sleek and straight


Article by Nneoma Ajiwe