First Reflect, Then Transform

August 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

Artist Georgia O’Keefe wrote “I have done nothing all summer but wait for myself to be myself again,” but what if that waiting was a sign? What if you’re not happy with the person you are?

Summer is nearing its end on us and man, has it flew by? It’s almost time for a new school year, which means one thing: a fresh start.

They say no one knows you better than you, which is partly true. I’ve discerned that there is a difference between the person I am and who I yearn to be. Through mistakes, disappointment, happiness, success, and other people, I reached the conclusion that I wasn’t happy with who I was and the life I was living. I was chasing the wrong dream and putting my time, money, and effort into a place I didn’t want to be in anymore. The person I thought I wanted to be because it would make my family proud wasn’t the person I truly seek to be. I knew this change would disappoint and surprise many, but I also knew I wasn’t disappointing myself. I was ready to start over, no matter how difficult it would be.

So I did something about my situation and I couldn’t be happier now. I’m attending a new school in the fall. I’m embarking on a new major, which is a concentration that I’m passionate about (you guessed it, it’s fashion) and I even altered my appearance a bit.

I was always afraid to act and believe against how I was raised and what was expected of me, but I’m different than my friends and my family, and that’s okay. It’s satisfying to embrace uniqueness in people and possess individualism.

As summer approaches its end, I’ve begun to reflect on who and what I want to work for this upcoming school year. I’m currently in the process of transforming myself, and it’s shocking people—I’m not the Maria people have always known. Every flower begins as a seed and contains some thorns; though eventually, this flower blooms into something beautiful due to support and nourishment. Don’t be afraid to recreate yourself. It’s never too early or late to change your life. The right time is now. Don’t pretend to be someone you don’t want to be. Everyone wants to make a difference and leave their mark, but that’s not possible if you’re not the person YOU enjoy being.

I encourage you to find things, meet people, or go places in the world that radiate your sparkle and inspire you to be the real you. Every day is another potential learning experience and that includes learning about yourself.

What do you have to reflect on this summer? How will you undertake your fresh start this fall? Let us know how on social media, and tag @CFashionista.