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Feeling Feelings About Adulting?

February 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

If you’ve ever seen 13 Going On 30, then you can recall the scene where Jennifer Garner’s character, Jenna Rink, is 13 years old and wishes so badly she could be an adult. To be precise, she wants to be: “Thirty, flirty, and thriving.” Spoiler alert: eventually she realizes being an adult is not the easiest thing and wants to take it all back (where can I get that magical glitter, by the way?). This is a feeling I think most of us can relate to when we feel overwhelmed by all of life’s responsibilities and almost impossible decisions we are faced to make as we “adult.”

Becoming an adult is seriously an ongoing struggle, but it’s something we all have to go through. It can be scary, confusing, and a rollercoaster; but there’s so much we learn about ourselves in the process. One thing’s for sure: we only become a better version of ourselves.

So to anyone who’s going through a similar process, here are six college students who share their thoughts on becoming an adult. A reminder that it’s okay to not know everything at once.

“I’m graduating in May, and it’s so weird to think I will be done with school and homework. I’ll actually be able to enjoy my free time without having to think about an assignment that’s due. I almost feel like I won’t know what to do! I’m still trying to accept the fact that I’ll really be an adult and my career starts as soon as I graduate. I’m a little nervous, but more than anything I’m excited to begin my life as an adult who’s no longer a student. I have the power and control to make whatever it is I want out of my future!” —@sofinaa

“I’m almost 21, so I’ve been playing the college and adult life game for a few years now, but I’m still constantly learning. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it is 100 percent okay to ask for help. If I run into something that I’m not sure how to handle, I call upon those that have been playing the game much longer than I have (i.e. parents, professors, advisors, etc.). Being an adult definitely means taking on more difficult tasks, but it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.” —@casey_nalley

“Becoming an adult means realizing that sometimes what your parents taught you isn’t always right and that you can develop your own point of view. It’s realizing you don’t need someone to see your worth as long as you see it yourself and that not everything is as serious as it seems. Where you are right now is the best version of yourself that you can be.”—@valerie.kady

“I remember when I would say to my parents, “I can’t wait to be an adult,” and they would tell me to not rush. I totally see why now. Now that I pay for the majority of my bills, like my car note and tuition, it definitely can be overwhelming a lot of times. As a full-time student, I have two jobs just to keep a steady income, and even that isn’t enough. Although it’s hard, I’ve learned to manage my finances and responsibilities. In the beginning, I would have meltdowns because I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but I’m happy to say I now have a system. My advice would be to keep finding ways that help you stay organized and don’t be afraid to ask for help.” —@venesajco

“Becoming an adult is an experience. Life is a constant struggle whether it’s in your love life, trying to maintain a social life, or even going to the grocery store to keep up a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, becoming an adult also means freedom and being able to make your own decisions. Although life changes and it may all feel like a lot of pressure at first, the freedom and other various perks are totally worth it!” —@thestyleskeptic

“Honestly, adulting is a scary experience. There are so many things that you don’t learn in high school and college such as taxes and finding your first apartment. Now that I’m graduating in a few months, I find myself reading articles and watching how-to videos to prepare myself for the real world. Both the videos and articles give me a piece of mind for what to expect in the future.” —@tamiraclew 

By the way, don’t forget to remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can! We’re all in this together—yes, I really just quoted High School Musical.

How do you feel about adulting? Let us know in the comments below!