Why Not Interning in Fashion Actually Helps Your Future Career in Fashion

While having an internship with a fashion brand or magazine is definitely the dream, when don’t live in a major fashion capital those internships not only seem far from reach but actually physically are. (Unless you are a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, of course. But I digress…)

But interning doesn’t have to be an all fashion or nothing scenario. There are vital skills to learn that have nothing to do with bylines and picking up samples at showrooms that will help you down the road once your dreams of interning in fashion are turned in a reality. These skills can be learned in any internship in a professional setting, no matter the type of work or industry.

So whether you are interning in retail, finance, sales, or even working at a law firm (like I will be this summer), be sure to embrace the situation to learn the following skills that are vital to your future career path, no matter where that leads.

Time Management. Working in any field requires a good time management skills. My internship requires me to work nine to five, five days a week, which has been highly beneficial because I get a taste of what it’s like to work in the “real world.” It has also helped me balance my work schedule with my social life, a skill I know most post-grads struggle with. (Photo via @leatherlace.x)

Working in a Fast-Paced Environment. Working in a large law firm where new cases are always coming in, and documents are constantly being sent out forces me to always be on my toes. No matter which department I’m working in each summer, there is always a lot of work to be done. This has helped me become more efficient with my work in order to meet deadlines and avoid having too much backlog.

Being Fashionable While Being Professional. What I wear to class is different than what I wear to my internship. The firm has a strict dress code, so having a professional internship has allowed me to figure how to best show off my personal style, while still dressing appropriately for the office. (Photo via @katiecartwrites)

Professional Writing. Most jobs require writing in some capacity. While the content of that writing depends on the field, writing in any form can help make me a better writer in general. Working at a law firm has given me ample experience writing emails and drafting documents that I will take with me to whatever career path I choose.

Reporting to Authority. After every task that I complete, I am required to report back to my manager with an update and summary of what I had completed before I am assigned my next task. This has taught me how to best communicate with authority figures, especially when they are reviewing my work. (Photo via @taylorknoxx)

Have you ever interned in a field different from your dream job? What have you learned? Let us know in the comments below!