FASHION INSIDER—Sunnie Brook, Celebrity Hairdresser, Blogger and Cool Girl

Celebrity hairdresser. Educator. Beauty Editor. Blogger. All-around cool girl. Is there anything Sunnie Brook can’t do?

Her talents are matched only by her impressive work ethic, inspirational how-tos and beaming personality. (Her name Sunnie could not be more perfect to describe her cheerful disposition.)

Read on to learn all about Sunnie, her journey through the beauty world as well as her tips and advice for the college Fashionista!


CollegeFashionista: Let’s start with the basics—when did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry and where did you study your craft?

Sunnie Brook: My dad use to ask me what I wanted to do with my life and I’d always say, “be creative and help people.” It was at the age of 17 that my mom suggested I take a year to do beauty school as a way to have a good job while I put myself through college to be a counselor.

I went to my local beauty school in San Luis Obispo, California but then did my advanced training in England with Tony & Guy. 

CF: How did you first break into the world of celebrity hairstyling?  

SB: After working 10 years behind the chair I won a national photoshoot competition that Paul Mitchell held. The prize was a photoshoot with a fashion photographer, wardrobe, model and exclusive collaboration with their editorial director, Lucie Doughty. She introduced and guided me into the world of editorial and celebrity work.


CF: You do it all (and do it all well!). You’re a celebrity hairdresser, blogger, vlogger, beauty editor and have an online boutique. How do you balance so many roles and responsibilities? Which role is your priority? 

SB: I have a few great people on my team that help me. When I opened my salon 10 years ago, one of the first books I read was called the “E-myth: How Small Business Fail.” There were two major take aways for me from this book. 1. Learn how to work ON your business instead of IN (the sign of an owner, not a technician) and 2. Surround yourself with successful people who are better at the things you hate/can’t do. Focus your talents. For example, my main focus is my celebrity and fashion roles.

CF: What is the one thing you are most proud of on a professional level? Personal level?

SB: Professionally, I think moving to England for a year in the beginning of my career and trusting I would make connections [makes me most proud]. Selling my salon six years ago, letting it go and taking the risk to move to LA and follow a new adventure, a new challenge [also makes me proud]. I believe risk has become a friend in my journey of discovery and growth.

On a personal level, the story that my life started out with was a challenging one. It has taken courage, love and time from those around me to guide me in this journey. I am honored to look back over the years and see what an amazing story we—my family, friends and clients—have created together. 
CF: Now let’s talk shop—what are the major beauty trends you are loving for fall?

SB: Lots of low to the nape ponytails and flat bendy waves. Loving the high top knot by Prada that is polished and garnished with a gem/brooch. It’s a fresh way to dress up a daily go-to top knot. 

CF: What is the most common requested style you get?

SB: Effortless, undone looking waves or the braided updo. 

CF: What are three beauty must-haves for college students?

B: 1. Bubble bath (why not? treat yourself!) 2. My SB hair towel that fights frizz and is super absorbent = less dry time, more hours to sleep. 3. A good eye cream for all those late nights (start while you’re young!)


CF: What’s a quick and simple hairstyle that’s great for busy college students but still fashion-forward?

SB: A cool leather headband to cover up those greasy roots for early morning classes or after the gym.

CF: Do you use any drugstore beauty essentials that are ideal for students on a budget? 

SB: I use Head and Shoulders classic clean shampoo and their damage rescue conditioner. Keeps my scalp and hair healthy and gives me more dolla’ bills to spend on fancy pants things 🙂 

CF: What’s one product that college students should splurge on?

SB: Suncreen! I love Clairons or Epicuren. 


CF: What’s one thing you wish you knew when you were 20 that you know now.

SB: Don’t be afraid of risk or failure. They both can lead to incredible discoveries, adventures and growth if you choose to let them transform you.  

Photos via Sunnie Brook