Question—Can Fashion Really Exist in the Corporate Workplace?

Corporate settings can often feel stifling for a free spirit like myself. Expression of one’s identity gets pushed out in favor for pressed lapels and basic white button-downs. Have no fear though—there’s still hope for those of us with rebel hearts and a passion for fashion. Here is a guide to my wild gal way of interning.

1—Figure out your style. First things first, you have to figure what is integral to your style. Is color important? Texture maybe? Identifying what makes or breaks your vibe gives you a foundation to begin building an outfit. For example, unconventional cuts and neutral colors are essential to every look I create.

2—Figure out your boundaries. It is important to be realistic about your setting—we’re still dressing for work. Different workplaces have didn’t expectations and standards. One job may allow workers to dress down on Fridays, whereas another may require full business attire every day. Observe your surroundings and look at what people are wearing as examples. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the dress code during orientation.

3—Make the boundaries work for you. Now that you know what you want and what your work allows, you can find a happy medium. For my own internship’s culture—a business casual atmosphere—I created the following outfit.

Keeping in line with my style staples (unconventional cuts and neutral colors) I went for an all-black look with a cut-out crop top, paired with a faux suede skater skirt, then layered with a vintage, oversize blazer. To add a little flare, I added a pair of gold platform sneakers and a pair of silver and blue sunglasses, creating a perfect balance of spice and professionalism.

Take the blazer off and it transitions into an easy, yet still sexy, nighttime look.

How do you express your style in your internship-wear? Let me know in the comments below!