FASHION FROM ABROAD: Winter in Savannah, Georgia

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Winter in Savannah, Georgia

This week I traveled to Savannah, Georgia for the day. There are two colleges there, so fashion flows through the city’s veins. Walking the historic streets in December was magical, but there was one problem… it was 80 degrees. I wanted to be wearing my favorite chunky sweater looking at all the sparkling holiday decor, but the forecast called for shorts. It can be so hard to decide what to wear in the winter when the weather just won’t cooperate, but this Fashionista has got it down.

This outfit is so much more than jeans and a T-shirt. It’s casual but fashionable, which is why I chose to feature it. This would be a perfect outfit to wear to class or to a study date. This Fashionista rocks a vibrant berry colored T-shirt from Free People, layered over a white turtleneck. Even though the shirt is short sleeved, the color makes it a good piece for the holiday season. On a colder day, this would be perfect layered under a cool utility jacket. This Fashionista and I both agree that the best part about this outfit is that amazing turtleneck. The knitted texture helps this outfit feel very wintry, and it’s so adorable with her high ponytail.

When asked how she would describe her personal style, this Fashionista replied “Classic, but trendy,” which is exactly how I’d describe her shoes. She sports a classic Adidas sneaker with a shiny metallic twist. They’re so fun and really express her bright personality. She also wears a classic gold nameplate necklace, which was inspired by former Real Housewives of New York City star, Jules Wainstein.

Savannah gave me plenty of good food and even more fashion inspiration. Next time I take a stroll along the Savannah River, I’ll remember this Fashionista and how she comfortably takes on the warm Georgia winter without sacrificing style.