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FASHION FROM ABROAD: Welcome to HEL(sinki)

Often abbreviated to HEL, Helsinki (the capital of Finland) can be linked to hellish weather especially during the months of late October to May—if hell is a place where even polar bears freeze to death. However, whenever the sun comes out, so do all of the people and of course lots of street style.

The fall is my favorite season especially in this city, which is bustling with typical Scandinavian style: something that I absolutely adore. This Fashionista’s look is what I often see young adults wearing during the fall season. The most typical Finnish staple piece is her canvas tote bag. Any time I walk down the streets of Helsinki, I’ll see people from all ages using a canvas bag similar to hers; even guys love them. Not only is it a timeless bag, it’s also incredibly handy! First of all, it weighs nothing. Second of all, you can fit so many items in the bag, which is useful at school, on the weekends or just for running errands. It’s also eco-friendly and people use them instead of plastic bags at the grocery store. Also once you’re done using it, it folds up neatly and takes up minimal space in your closet which means there’s more room for clothes!

This Fashionista is also rocking Nike shoes and a cocoon coat, which are signs that clearly indicate you’re somewhere in Scandinavia. I also love how she pairs her stunning blonde hair with a contrasting beanie. Her light washed boyfriend jeans and white top from Monki add a casual vibe to her look while her thrifted rings add some personal flare. If you ever see a blonde girl wearing an outfit like this, you should definitely ask her if she’s somewhere from Finland (or Sweden/Copenhagen), chances are she’ll say yes.

Captured: I came across this Fashionista in Helsinki, Finland in the Kallio area.