FASHION FROM ABROAD: Weather? Whatever!

September 6th, 2016 at 2:00am
FASHION FROM ABROAD: Weather? Whatever!

When I tell people I’m studying abroad, they generally have a ton of questions about all the new things I’m experiencing. “What’s the food like?” Fantastic. “How are you adjusting to the city?” Fabulously. Seriously, bless whoever designed Hong Kong’s metro system. “Are you making friends?” Yes… and I’m also stumbling upon fabulous international Fashionistas left and right!

But one thing people rarely ask is: “How are you adjusting to the weather?” I get it, we’ve kind of made a collective societal decision that “weather talk” is boring, and so we treat it as a last resort in any conversation. But let me tell you: it’s HOT in Hong Kong. Like cook-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk, start-sweating-just-from-walking-down-the-street hot. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also humid. Which means? You guessed it: rain.

Generally speaking, the weather dictates a couple important fashion choices: dark colors, so as to avoid sporting an unintentionally sheer shirt from the rain; minimal layers because it’s simply too dang hot and comfy shoes for adventuring up and down the mountainous metropolitan terrain of this wonderful, wild city.

This Fashionisto dons the perfect getup for a day out exploring the city. Taking a note from recent menswear collections and popular street trends alike, he rocks the almost athleisure look by taking tried-and-true basics and pairing them with a bit of polish. His cuffed black jeans elevate his outfit just the right amount, making it perfect for transitioning between the diverse neighborhoods in HK, while his leather-accented backpack provides the perfect hiding place for a water bottle and an umbrella, which are both essentials in this city! Tying his otherwise-monochrome look together, the subtle tie-dye of this Fashionisto’s adidas tank adds texture and interest to his outfit, which is crucial in a climate where layers are a no-no.

Don’t know how to jump on the athleisure train? Consult Vogue’s Golden Rules of Athleisure, which mainly provides examples of female fashion, but has rules that apply to any look! Then pick a signature item and get going. Still need some specific inspo? Ladies, try a visually interesting high-neck sports bra. Fellas, up your joggers game with these olive green ones. You won’t regret it.