FASHION FROM ABROAD: Transitions In Tokyo

December 16th, 2016 at 2:00am
FASHION FROM ABROAD: Transitions In Tokyo

Everything in Tokyo, it seems, is in a transitory state. The entire city is constantly moving, with businessmen moving swiftly through the packed metro stations in perfect form and tourists being swept up in the tides of Shibuya Crossing and the bustling streets of the Akihabara district. Tiled streets and flood lights blur the line between interior and exterior; business deals conducted over the phone outside popular restaurants blur the line between business and pleasure. Even the food is on-the-go; conveyor belt sushi restaurants and quick-turnover ramen stalls freckle the crowded streets.

In a city that never stops moving, it’s essential to rock an outfit that will keep you styling throughout the city’s many transitions: day to night; warm and sunny to cool and breezy; business to casual. This Fashionista, spotted on her way to a quick Friday lunch date, perfectly embraces the balance between Tokyo’s clean-cut business vibe and its thriving cultural scene. The simple base of her outfit—high-waisted shorts (classed-up by a dark wash), a leather cross-body bag and a rich purple T-shirt—is ideal for navigating Tokyo’s packed streets and seeing its beautiful sights, while her sleek burgundy nails and glossy ombre (not to mention her smize!) add some welcomed intensity to the mix. Finally, by adding a draped trench and fringed black booties, this Fashionista creates the perfect getup for an afternoon spent with friends and an easy transition into nighttime activities.

For a fun variation on this Fashionista’s style, pick up these beaded velvet shorts from H&M and add some edge with Topshop’s chainlink quilted bag.