As a first time visitor to Italy, it is hard to know what to pack. As an American we want to start wearing our boho summer garb such as bright colors, sundresses and short-shorts. During May, this will make you stick out like a sore thumb amongst all of the Italians who are still dressing in dark tones and covered from head to toe. They continue to wear pants, long sleeves and jackets. Apparently, even if it is 80 degrees it is still “too early for shorts.” Meanwhile, every tourist in Italy is garbed in shorts, or shorter hemlines, and tank tops. Thankfully we are transitioning into June.

This Fashionista is an abroad student from the United States. Like the rest of us, she planned to dress “summery” in florals, light denim and, of course, shorts. Here we see her trying to meet these two styles somewhere in the middle. She wears a denim jacket to keep warm when the wind picks up at night, while her black and white bodycon dress is fitting with Italian’s style. The shoes are a popular style sold in many shoe stores. Still, the Fashionista’s pair adds a little bit of personality with the glitter detail.

Captured: These photos were snagged in Trastevere, a neighborhood just outside the Historical Center of Rome, Italy. This hip neighborhood is full of snack bars, gelato shops, restaurants and clubs. It is inhabited by both locals and abroad students and is just a few tram stops away from the city center.