FASHION FROM ABROAD: Spring in Los Angeles

When coming back to California, especially Los Angeles, just lifting my head from my phone for a split second is like I have just read the West Coast edition of the September issue of Vogue. Fashion is everywhere around here and it is not limited at all. The bar seems to be set so high, but does not restrict you in any way. Everything is so fresh, new, and different. It keeps you inspired all the time and forces you to keep an eye out for all the latest trends.

If any place knows a trend, it is Los Angeles (sorry, New York!). When I think Los Angeles I automatically think about “athleisure.” For me, athleisure is the epitome of Los Angeles. Athleisure is perfect for the Los Angeles weather and it is so easy. Who doesn’t love wearing workout pants everyday? This Fashionista nailed the athleisure meets spring fun look!

For this simple, but fun outfit, this Fashionista paired her black workout leggings, a staple for the athleisure look, with a fun off-the-shoulder blue and white striped top. To keep it casual she wore some step-in sandals and accessorized with the most beautiful, dainty gold jewelry. Pairing this top, which is perfect for spring and could go with so many outfits, and keeping it comfortable with her leggings and step-in sandals would be my go-to look for the spring. First, I would love to wear a pair of Lululemon leggings with some step-in sandals on the daily, life would not get better than that. But when the weather is changing, I am always looking for something easy but still super cute—and this Fashionista has just opened my eyes to the beauty of athleisure.