December 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

When walking the streets of Madrid you’re guaranteed to see (at a minimum) 10 navy paper bags with block lettering reading “ZARA.” Spain is the home of Inditex brands, a collection of amazing and affordable clothing stores that dominate Western Europe. Zara, in my humble opinion, is the holy grail of Inditex’s creations. The six-floor flagship store is located on Cale Serrano, the 5th Avenue of Madrid, and is always bustling with customers.

Zara epitomizes European fashion. Their designers are always one-step ahead of the latest trends. They stocked felt hats on their shelves in August, before anyone could imagine such an entity to be wearable. Now the streets of Madrid are overwhelmed by the existence of felt hats and long wool coats seen in every Zara window. The age range of their consumer base ranges between one and I’d say almost 80, and their garb won’t break your bank.

Today, this Fashionista mixes two Zara purchases: brown track sole bluchers and skinny jeans, with a shearling coat. The look exudes sophistication and is perfect for a day of walking the streets of the city or exploring El Retiro, Madrid’s equivalent to Central Park. The sole bluchers have a thick sole that won’t render the same pain as the majority of high heels. At a price of only 30 euro, they’re proof that you can get away with spending on what may seem to be a passing trend. I’m always prompted to take a fashion risk whenever I walk into Zara.

Captured: The steps of the Pond, El Parque Retiro, Madrid, Spain