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FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Italian Uniform

When I first arrived in Florence at the beginning of the semester, I had a hard time telling the difference between tourists and native Italians. Florence is saturated with incredible history and beautiful landmarks and it attracts millions of vacationers during its warm months. It was difficult to get a firm understanding of Italian style because I wasn’t sure who was Italian and who was a tourist. Now that Florence is getting chillier and tourist season has come and gone, I finally get to see authentic Italian style, which might I add, is absolutely amazing.

What I have noticed about the Italian’s style is the unspoken uniform that each of them seem to follow. It seems that every Italian woman has a pair of black jeans, neutral sweaters, ankle boots or Stan Smiths and a leather bag in her closet. Although they dress similarly, they always look incredibly chic.

This Fashionista clearly followed the Italian outfit formula when deciding what to wear. She starts off her look with a base of black jeans paired with a black V-neck shirt. She throws on a denim jacket that is perfect for the unusually warm December weather that we are having. Pinned to the collar of her jacket is a gold bee brooch, which adds the cutest detail to her look.

She brightens up her outfit with a pair of brown boots and a brown leather bag to match. Although the boots and purse are neutral, they are the perfect contrast to the black jeans and top. To finish off her look the Italian way, she wears a pair of tortoiseshell glasses.

Captured: I found this Fashionista in the Piazza della Repubblica in Florence, Italy.