FASHION FROM ABROAD: State College Style

As I was visiting a friend in the good old city of State College, I came across this simple but well put together outfit. We all know when you’re running around campus, it’s hard not to just put on a pair of sweatpants with your big comfy sweatshirt. But here this Fashionista nailed the look of pairing a few pieces together to give off that preppy look that states, “I’ve got my life together.”

This Fashionista decided to pair a button-down collared shirt with a plain black vest to give her a professional vibe while still being relaxed. She put on a pair of go-to black denim pants that usually work with almost anything. The black booties give her a nice fall look with a small pointed toe. Her square kate spade purse looks super cute next to her watch, giving off a business look. She decided to go with a two-layer statement necklace to help pull her outfit all together. The necklace helps spice up a typical preppy outfit by tying in the choker style trend. To give her that last finishing touch, she pulled her hair in a slicked back tight bun to show she is ready to get to work.

You really can mix together two types of outfits to create your own personalized style. She tied in a little bit of an urban look with her preppy outfit. So instead of crawling out of bed and putting on that sweatshirt, get a little professional and make yourself stand out as you walk throughout campus.