Even though the cold weather is still here, the season has officially changed. We are now ready to rock the floral trend! The transition from one season to another is taking its time, therefore, we can not leave a sweater or jacket in the house.

Despite the fact that this untrustworthy weather could make us get a cold, this Fashionista is such a risky girl. That was one of the things that made her stand out: her attitude. A pair of skinny jeans and a crop top could be considered basics, but they are totally not when you have a pose. When you walk with an attitude, you can make the world feel your presence without even talking. That’s what I felt when I found this girl on the street.

It´s great to find stylish people rocking a casual look because it’s not something that happens every day. This outfit would not be the same without this amazing curly red hair. This vibrant color makes this Fashionista glow. Moreover, a classic cat eye and red lips are the perfect makeup for every girl. On the other hand, the accessories of this look are precise. A pair of Aviator glasses, just in case the sun shines, empower her hair style. These earrings are the right size, and the metallic color perfectly matches this outfit. Even though white is the synonym of summer, it has become an essential color for every season. It is impossible not to see people wearing white sneakers everywhere, but in this Fashionista’s look, they break the dark palette. Additionally, she carries a black oversized bag for all the things a girl could need.

With a denim jacket, this look would be perfect for going to classes, and with a pair of black Chelsea boots and a leather jacket, you would be ready for a fancy meeting.