Fashionistas are all over the globe studying abroad in various locations. In Europe, spring is beginning to show it’s true colors, and temperatures are rising faster than they are in parts of the U.S. While abroad, stick to simple looks but incorporate bright pops of color into outfits when in a country like Florence, Italy. The locals will dig your sense of style and color, especially in a piece like a kimono cardigan.

This Fashionista let her personal style show through a trendy and colorful kimono. It is lightweight, which makes it a great transition piece from winter into spring. The orange, pink and white make it easy to pair with jeans or white pants as it gets warmer. For shoes, this Fashionista paired brown ankle boots and a classic pair of dark washed jeans. She kept it light on accessories, and added a gold watch and small gold pendant necklace. The kimono is the main focus of this outfit, and it will make Europeans turn their heads.

Trends in Europe are currently changing, but Italians especially always dress in a comfortable but stylish way. Don’t be afraid to make one piece of your outfit stand out, while making the rest of it more neutral and basic. No matter where you are abroad, it’s important to stick to your own personal style, but let the fun aspects of other cultures be portrayed in what you wear. Embrace the weather that the country embodies, and wear something that’s out of the box!

Captured: I captured this Fashionista in the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy.