FASHION FROM ABROAD: Scoot(er) Over Complicated, Simple is Back

November 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

After four months studying abroad, this Fashionista has style figured out.

Studying abroad changes life drastically and can challenge even the most independent students. Between foreign foods, languages, customs and different social expectations, studying abroad can become overwhelming. Trying to fit in can be attempted and can just as easily prove to be a failure.

Fashion and style in different places can give away that you are foreign and cause you to be treated unfairly. It is important to take what it is you like from your new destination’s fashion sense and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Of course, I would not recommend going out and buying an entire new wardrobe simply for your time abroad; you want to buy clothes you feel comfortable (and stylish) in.

Throughout Europe, basics and denim are must-have items in anyone’s wardrobe. This Fashionista wears basic dark colors in a way that flatters her body and gives her an air of intelligence and power, which are, of course, things that are important aspects of an outfit. What woman would not want to assert her intelligence and power in her clothing and in the way she simply stands?

Her dark pants and dark wedges make her legs appear longer, a trick that’s easy to achieve with dark colors and a heel. She wears a basic gray sweater, and smartly layers it with an open denim shirt. A similar denim top can be bought here. Do not worry about wearing denim on denim; this is perfectly acceptable and is even on-trend right now. This Fashionista brings the outfit together with personal accessories. She wears an anklet around her ankle and leather bands around her wrist. Leather is in, especially if you are studying abroad in Rome, Italy, like this Fashionista, where leather is always on-trend. A fashionable leather band can be found here.

Rome, Italy is notorious for it’s dark color trends and model-like women. Most of the women you will encounter in the city of Rome will resemble models, women with high heels who always seem to be in a hurry as they zoom by on their vespas. One thing I learned while studying abroad in Rome, Italy, is that sometimes simple is better. An outfit should flatter the body and reflect the confidence of the woman wearing it. This Fashionista certainly stands tall and strong, something that our personal style can help us do. With that being said, I encourage you to wear clothing that flatters your body and makes you feel confident in your skin.

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted in Rome, Italy.