I have spent an amazing month of my summer studying abroad. I was selected to embark on a research intensive trip to Cambridge University, with a week long stop in Paris to start. Besides the usual elements of culture shock, one thing that truly shocked me abroad was how nicely everyone dresses in Europe. There are always the weird ones and odd ones out, but for the most part everyone always looked put together, no matter the time of day. Athleisure does not exist in France. If I was to go out in spandex and a tank top I would be assaulted with snobbish glares and glances. For me, this was great. I could dress up as much as I wanted everyday and I would be complimented for it, rather than asked if I had anywhere special to be headed to. (I can’t help it that I like to wear wedges to class or lipstick to the grocery store. This should not be a crime, Americans!) When I got to England, I noticed a more relaxed vibe, but still people wore trousers not jeans, and the “punk” look is very much in. Effort is applied, and when wandering the streets of London, the only sights to see weren’t just in the museums.

On the streets of Cambridge, or amongst the many colleges of the University of Cambridge, you would see students dressed very nicely. Sensible dresses with cardigans and stylish accessories dotted the landscape along with men in khaki and button-ups, a sports coat often necessary. I felt like I had walked on to the set of Gossip Girl. There was an unspoken dress code among the British of looking posh and well put together. Cambridge is for the elite, and they sure dressed like it too.

On a casual weekday I came across this stud headed to the massive Cambridge Library. This Fashionisto was keeping it “casual” but his overall look screamed posh-ness. He was decked out in Ralph Lauren, with a soft gray sweater keeping him warm in the 60 degree weather. His button-up underneath added a touch of color. A fresh pair of khakis and Sperry Top-Siders  brought the outfit together. If this is his casual look, I’d love to see him step it up for a more proper evening.

Captured: This Fashionisto was strolling on the grounds of St. Edmund’s College in Cambridge, United Kingdom.