FASHION FROM ABROAD: Living Out of a Suitcase

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Living Out of a Suitcase

When it comes to packing for a long trip or semester abroad it can a bit difficult. It becomes even more difficult though when you are packing to travel below the Southern Hemisphere because the seasons opposite to the Northern Hemisphere can really throw you off; trust me. I will admit that I thought it would be a hot winter down here in the land Down Under, but no, it can get pretty chilly. I mean don’t get me wrong it is nothing like the winters back in Wisconsin, but it is not always hot here all year-round like I thought it would be.

Not only is it difficult to pack for everyday wear, but it is a pain to pack for going out at night. We all know what I am talking about. Some campuses are a little more laid back than other campuses when it comes to going out. One article of clothing that is often seen and is a must-have to put in your suitcase are high-waisted black skinny jeans. This chic Fashionista knows how to style herself for a night out on the town with the fashionable jeans. She traveled all the way from Italy with pieces that are comfortable yet fashion-forward for the night life. Valentina paired the distressed, high-waisted black skinny jeans with a cream chiffon tank and a pair of black booties. These booties are perfect because they aren’t too dressy but dress her outfit up a little more. Since it is the middle of winter down here in Australia, this Fashionista is wearing a cute leather jacket that is perfect for when it gets chiller at night. For accessories she is wearing a gold statement necklace to give her outfit a little more of a pop and is carrying a black quilted purse with a gold/black braided chain that is the perfect size to fit everything you need when you go out. To top off the entire outfit, Valentina has boxer braids which gives her a definite edge.

Even though it can be difficult to pack, especially for study abroad, always stick with the basics and pack in layers if you do not know what to expect for the weather. Overall, have fun abroad while still being fashionable!

Captured: I became friends with this Fashionista and had fun taking shots of her while she was heading out from Macquarie University for a night out on the town in Sydney, Australia.