Traveling through Greece has been a life changing experience for me this summer. As I visit all of these different cities, I am in constant awe of the many sights. This country has so much to offer. Of course, I might add that it is in no short supply of fashionable people. Everywhere I go, I am excited to see outfits that catch my eye, so I am always on the lookout! Greece is a place where beauty comes to life through fashion.

Here is a true vision of beauty and serenity. In a white, flowy chiffon dress, nature has never looked so enticing. The simplicity and ease of the dress is a perfect canvas for fashion art to be painted on. In true Fashionista style, she chooses a statement piece that transforms the effortlessness and ease of the dress into a fun and whimsical ensemble.

The short, black and white paisley kimono adds flare and makes her overall look more dynamic. Kimonos have been on the rise for the warmer seasons. With light fabrics, such as lace and chiffon, kimonos are the perfect item to wear to cover up while staying cool. This Fashionista continues to elevate her style with natural-toned wedge sandals that complement her skin tone without taking attention away from major components of the outfit. She then wears a layered necklace and small rings as accents.

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted with her killer kimono walking through the evergreens in the small village of Delphi, Greece.