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As finals week is quickly coming to an end, Spartans at Michigan State University are beginning to leave their stress behind and gather excitement for this much needed break. For me, this started last week and I took the opportunity to book an early trip to Bangkok, Thailand. All I have to say is that the fashion style here is much different from that spotted on the sidewalks of East Lansing. It seemed that with each turn of a corner I saw so many unique and edgy street fashions. But despite all of the variety, I chose to show you all this Fashionista because her style is something that could definitely be rocked throughout campus. I love how she’s able to keep it simple with a T-shirt, jeans and some sandals. Here’s a fun fact, Thailand is known for the extremely humid days, so sandals are definitely a must.

And hold up, it’s not just your ordinary T-shirt, but it’s an elbow sleeve shirt which adds something unique to the outfit. I found a black version that would be oh so cute if paired with a flared trouser and a pair of white sneakers to round it all out. For the past few months, all Thai residents have been required to wear black and white due to the loss of King Bhumibol Adulyadj—the world’s longest serving monarch. Only now are people beginning to slowly bring colors back but due to her immense respect for our king, she still kept the colors on the dark side.

Now let’s talk about those sandals. Every time I find myself scrolling through any Thai girls’ Instagram, I continuously spot them. The Zoey style sandals on the Minx Shoes Instagram page would be absolutely adorable for an American summer—you guys should most definitely check them out!

This will be my last post for fall semester but no worries, I’ll be back with more stories and fashion advice next semester. But until then keep warm, enjoy your break and remember: Go Green!