FASHION FROM ABROAD: Foreigners Fitting In

If you’re abroad or not, fitting in to a new place can be difficult but the best way to try is through fashion. You need essentials that can carry you through every season but it is always fun to have something that helps you express who you are. Whether it’s a pocketbook, shoes or a shirt chances are it is going to coincide with the fashion is Europe.

This Fashionisto isn’t afraid of pattern but embraces it. The pattern on his button-down has the pink of spring but still keeps with the European black that will never be out of style. He added the soft pink glasses to round out his look. This look is perfect for going to class but after an exhausting day at school, a blazer could be added to this look to carry it into the long nights of Madrid.

Being a foreigner in Madrid can be difficult, especially for men because the style is so different from America. The trends change so often it can be hard to keep up, especially on a study abroad budget. Europeans love their black clothes but they also takes risks to be different. There are so many options to choose when you want to take risks to standout while still fitting in. Personally, I wear a lot of black but taking a risk with a pattern can help you merge into your European summer.

Captured: I captured this Fashionisto wandering in the plazas while he waits for class to start in Madrid, Spain.