September 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

New city. New sites. New Fashionistas. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the crab capitol of the nation—Annapolis, Maryland. With the boardwalks and cobblestone streets all leading towards the bay, it’s no wonder that the quirky downtown is full of preppy, seabound fashion.

Pastels and polos dominated the streets but needless to say there wasn’t a lack of Fashionistas/os in the state’s capitol. With the rustic boat and lighthouse tours, this beautiful co-ord that caught my eye fit perfectly with the city’s atmosphere. As it turned out, the kaleidoscope blue suit was from another city abroad, Helsinki, Finland.

Tailored by the Finnish clothing company marimekko, the tint of blue made me feel as if I were ready to take my yacht out to sea (you know…if I had one). Marimekko clothing is a high-end, H&M and ZARA styled company that has components sold in the United States as well. Marimekko also produces home furnishings aside from clothing and serves as a reliable producer often compared with Crate & Barrel.

This Fashionista decided to accessorize with a small flip-flop pendant to add to our crab fest-filled shopping day. Personally, the outfit was perfect in that it didn’t require accessories or add-ons because the patterns did enough to make the suit almost look minimalist. Not to mention how comfortable and convenient the set looked for a tourist during a humid mid-August day. This Fashionista topped off her style by wearing the women’s Seacoast Sperry sneakers that showed us that we can be preppy, comfortable and cool all at the same time. I believe the stylish suit fit perfectly into the beach theme more so than the pastels all of us have been wearing leftover from the spring. Rompers? Please. It’s time for the two-pieces to shine!

Exploring fashion from abroad such as this style is definitely an attention-getter. Not only was I able to explore the cute city of Annapolis, Maryland for the first time, but I ran into quite literally Fashion From Abroad. 

I captured this Fashionista right after taking a boat tour around the Annapolis harbor. She purchased the ensemble while studying in Finland last year.