Whether you’re a Fashionista/o, you understand the struggle of packing because everything you own is your favourite. For every long weekend, you have to choose at least three outfits that can carry you throughout the trip…or that you can carry in your backpack. Finding things that are black and gray are perfect because they have the ability to mix and match with anything while helping you pack less!

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how to mix basic colours and still make a fashion statement for a weekend trip to Madrid. Her pleated gray midi skirt is light and can be mixed with any top. The soft pink she chose helps the dark black in her leather coat have more contrast with the outfit as a whole. Her gray top ruffled socks with an open shoe are one of my favourite trends than can be used in every season, and they help carry the soft colours of the outfit down to the bottom. Most of these clothes are very light and can easily fit into your carry on bag.

Trends throughout Europe can be hard to accomplish when traveling to new places. If you pack right with basic colors, you can achieve any fashion trend or at least make it seem like it. Most Europeans love a good leather coat to add a final contrast to whatever your outfit may be. This Fashionista rocked this look, which creates a very simple but chic look that can be worn throughout the day and night. Next time your packing for a trip, think of matching with basic colors to achieve greatness.

Captured: I found this Fashionista strolling through one of the many shopping streets in Madrid, Spain while she was on a weekend trip from Greece.