FASHION FROM ABROAD: All-Black, Everything

Spending the semester studying abroad has been filled with people-watching and outfit envy. Running around Italy has brought a new appreciation to foreign looks and new trends. My weekend in Rome brought both sightseeing and trend spotting opportunities.

Being fashionable and spending all day on your feet running from the Trevi Fountain to the Sistine Chapel calls for not only on-trend clothing but comfortable clothing.This Fashionista found the perfect way to do this with a minimalistic, monochromatic and wearable outfit.

This Fashionista wore her black trapeze dress flawlessly. This dress is both comfortable and stylish; this Fashionista is embracing the Italian culture and style. The minimalism of her outfit embodies the European casual look so many strive for. Her outfit prepares her for anything; whether her day is spent exploring or studying, she is ready to hit the city.

My favorite thing about this look is the minimalist elements. Since we here are at the Coliseum a little timeless fashion advice seems relevant—when in doubt always wear black. The minimalist trend started back in the 1950’s but remains prevalent in modern fashion, particularly being embraced in Europe over the last decade. This outfit embodies the trend.

The details make all the difference in the outfit. The trim of her black suede booties add just enough flare to make the outfit as a whole flirty—not just another all-black look. Her sunglasses tie it all together for a day going out to explore Rome.

Captured: I discovered this Fashionista while exploring the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome.